Kepoinc-a Backstory

What is Kepoinc?

“Kepo” is an Indonesian slang meaning “wanting to know”. That simple description can expand into a variety of other positive meanings besides the frowned upon, yet widely acclaimed description meaning “stalker”. As an Individual, we must constantly reinvent our self and be willing to learn everyday. Each new experience is a learning opportunity and a chance to grow. Kepoinc is a brand that thrives to innovate and become more sophisticated with each project milestone, and is actually a word play on “Kepo-in” which is an Indonesian Slang for “Wanting to know someone, or something”.

Seriously, what IS Kepoinc?

Currently, Kepoinc consists of a lone game changer in the web development industry, and a future innovator with numerous of networks scattered throughout just about anywhere. I get things done, period.

I’ve never heard of Kepoinc, are they reliable and professional?

Although Kepoinc is a struggling startup waiting to be the next starup unicorn , I assure you that I will deliver my best, and will always try my best, to give you my most possible best work.


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