BEE – Binus Elaborated Events

Bee-HomeBEE is an early prototype of what an event CMS web application would look like if Keanu and his mates get together and just code horribly. What started as a family and student friendly Sindhen clone for Binus International campus events, ended in a wonderful group set of incoherently written lines of code that manages to execute properly into a web based application for adding, viewing, and managing Non academic Binus events.

Bee-SingleEventnoListOriginally built to fulfill a software
engineering assignment tasked by the
legendary Satrio Pradono the CEO of pintu masuk boutique technologies , BEE has grown into a green and yellow Chimera (totally unrelated to Bina Nusantara colors purple) thanks to the assistance of one of our designer friend who blatantly thought that green and yellow would be a good choice for a Binus International Web App. Since we were too stressed to meet a UI presentation deadline, we didn’t bother with it anyway and just started coding the webApp. Bee-Events

To meet with “industry standards”, BEE is written in php, a popular server side programming language that powers a large number of websites such as facebook and the campus newbinusmaya website. None of the members in the group have code in php let alone a program that is as big as this. Fortunately, thanks to the tenacity of us motivating each other, we managed to pull off this herculean task that nearly cost us our sanity…


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